Sunday, 15 July 2018

Legoland Windsor

School finished last Thursday, so I thought it'd be a good idea to enjoy our Friday in a quiet Legoland environment. And as far as Legoland goes, it was indeed quiet - we could walk and we didn't queue for more than 15 minutes anywhere. It was our second visit so we already knew what we wanted to do, what made a very relaxing day out.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Roman Dead (Museum of London Docklands)

I had about one hour to se this exhibition, which is less than I'd have wanted because it's the kind of thing I like to go and absorb every detail, but Docklands is not exactly next door and I was there already, better do it than postpone and risk not having the chance again.

It's an exhibition full of information and objects and human bones, just the way I like it. Not many people at the time of my visit, plenty of room to walk around and read the boards. There was this girl who was right next to me reading every single plaque and I think I've never seen it before - people usually ready the main boards and look at stuff without any deeper interest.

Bottom: a lion killing and stag from a funerary monument, representing the unstoppable power of death.
Found in 1876

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Chester Zoo (Cheshire)

I became familiar with Chester Zoo after watching the Channel 4 documentary The Secret Life of the Zoo, which was filmed there. It was very interesting to see how the animals behaved and interacted with their keepers. It also included a few deaths and births and a lot of information about the animals both in captive environment and in the wild.

This place is huge

Beeston Castle (Cheshire)

We visited Beeston Castle in a warm and beautiful day, in which there were also special events going on. It led me to buy for the second time an English Heritage membership, and this time I plan to use it a lot more than I did before.

The Victorian ticket office

Monday, 18 June 2018

Open Garden Squares Weekend 2018 (part II)

The second day of my Open Garden weekend was filled mainly with small private gardens that looked all like each other, but knowing that they're not open to the public made the opportunity to visit special. 

They were all in walking distance to the south end of Regent's Park, but considering that my legs already hurt from the day before, they felt like miles apart. I nearly skipped the last one because of how tired I was, but in the end I managed to cross all the places from my list.

Starting from Baker Street tube station, the first place we visited was Dorset Square. We hit it at 10am sharp and shortly after someone else came over and the volunteers were all smiley and happy to give information and share stories and tales.

Dorset Square

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Legoland Discovery Centre (Manchester)

As a fan of Lego, and mother of an avid Lego builder, it was nice to have the chance to visit the Lego indoor play centre at Manchester. We were visiting friends nearby and had a few hours to play before meeting them.

We arrived at the Manchester Picadilly train station at around midday in a Saturday and headed to the shopping mall where the Legoland Discovery Centre is located. SeaLife is in the same place and who knows what else (we didn't have time to look around).

Friday, 15 June 2018

Keats House (Hampstead)

I visited Keats House during the Open Garden Squares Weekend, as it was very close to other places I would be going to. The access to the garden is free, and it is a very beautiful place. It's not big and nothing particularly caught my eye, so I was done very quickly and decided to visit the house/museum, as I would probably not go back there again for a long time.

I'm glad I did because it was a very nice visit. I knew basically nothing about Keats and managed to quickly get the idea of who he was, how he lived and worked.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Open Gardens Squares Weekend 2018 (part I)

The Open Gardens Squares Weekend this year was on June 9th and 10th. I'm not much of a garden person but I still got tickets well in advance with the idea that surely there would be something that would appeal to me, right?

Green Park tube station

Right, of course!

(Warning: this is a very long post!)

I got the guidebook weeks before the big day and left until the night before to plan my weekend, which was a huge mistake because with over 200 venues to choose from, I had quite a lot of reading to do and postcodes to juggle around. I decided to leave behind anything that seemed too small or that resembled an allotment, with the idea that these would be boring, but when Sunday ended I was pretty sure I would have enjoyed any of these places.

Hampstead Parish Chuch and Churchyard

The Hampstead Parish Church, or Church of St. John-at-Hampstead, was the second place I visited on my Open Gardens weekend and it was the only churchyard on the whole list of venues, so obviously it was top priority to me. It was totally worth it, I loved it and had a lot of fun searching for the graves in the tomb trail, hence the huge number of pictures in this post.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Birmingham VII: Key Hill Cemetery

Our last stop was the Key Hill Cemetery, right next to Warstone Lane Cemetery.

If you walk through Vyse Street you will see a train/tram station and a whole street full of shops, then you have to go downhill and turn left twice to reach the entrance behind the buildings. If you go down through Icknield Street, you just have to walk under the rail tracks and there it is, the main gate, nice, quick and easy. I bet you will never guess which way I went.

(there's some more stories in the end, if you want to skip the pictures!)