Saturday, 20 April 2019

Protect and Survive: Britain's Cold War Revealed @ The National Archives

New amazing exhibition at The National Archives: Protect and Survive: British Cold War Revealed

Downham, Bromley part II

I went back to Downham to finish the GCC geocache trail yesterday. And now I finally did it! I walked for around 9 years non-stop and found nearly all the caches from the trail and a bit more too. It was a beautiful day and I must say that the places I've been to really impressed be in a positive way, much better than last time when all I could see was litter in places I didn't really want to hang around. This time it felt a lot better and even later in the day it was fine to walk around in the woods and parks on my own.

There is a park called Elmstead Woods (already in Elmstead as you can tell) that I really loved, calm and quiet and well kept woodland. As for the rest, the green spaces were really nice (maybe the grown vegetation concealed all the rubbish?) and the urban stretches were really pleasant. The sun was shining bright, which made for a sweaty walk at times and didn't really make me happy, but there was plenty of shade too.

As for the proper areas and boundaries, I'm not sure, google maps is not clear, but the walk went through places in the neighbouring boroughs too, not only Bromley.

My geocaching map at the end of the day yesterday

Random pictures

Here are some pictures taken in the last few weeks ;-)

The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens

RAF Museum

Last week we visited the RAF museum in Colindale, North London. It was my third visit, but the previous two have been years ago and the museum has been refurbished during this time, which was rather nice as I had a lot of different things to see. I missed some things that they took away like the timeline wall, the huge plane that we used to be able to walk into and now just stays there next to the cafe, and the other one (Spitfire?) that we could just climb in but now it's been turned into an "experience" that costs £10. At least I did all these before so I'm good.

Here are the pictures I took in my first visits, and below all the pictures I took this time. There was also an exhibition called War Brides that showed beautiful artwork of, well, war brides, with some stories about their engagement. It was really, really interesting to read (see last few pictures at the end).

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Walmer Castle

After visiting Deal Castle and walking a long way to Walmer, we finally made it to Walmer Castle. As I mentioned in the other post, we arrived just one hour before closing time, but it was just enough to see everything (in a bit of a rush, I admit, but enough).

Nice sign by the car park entrance

Deal Castle

Deal Castle was the first of the two castles we visited on our day out at Deal and Walmer, and it was my favourite one.

Deal and Walmer

I'm in a quest to visit as many English Heritage properties as I can to make the most of my membership. I couldn't tick all "close to London" ones on my first year so I'll be renewing, which gives me more time to wander around. After easily going to Dover Castle last year, I decided we could do Deal and Warmer castles - just a bit up there in the map - in one day, but winter came and the low temperatures and shorter days were not ideal for such an adventure. But then the clocks changed, the thermometer woke up, and ta-da, there we went.

Vineyard Passage Burial Ground

I had visited the Vineyard Passage Burial Ground, in Richmond, before. It's quite a nice place, as it is a cemetery that is no longer in use, and maintained as a park, but headstones were kept in place instead of being cleared away, so it's basically a cemetery without railings (apart from the few metres that can be seen below, on the south part of the site).

Geocaching in Chiswick / Hammersmith

On this day, I had an appointment in the afternoon at Hammersmith, and someone to look after my children all day - so I went to Chiswick to tackle a lot of geocaches that were haunting me for a long time, so close yet so hard to find the time to go for them.

Street Art: Ben Wilson (Muswell Hill - Haringey/Barnet)

As I mentioned in the last post, I did one multi-cache after visiting the railway modelling exhibition at Alexandra Palace. It was a nice walk over the central area of Muswell Hill that managed to temporarily cheer Alex up after the underwhelming railway feast.